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Attention: Consultants, Online Marketers, E-Commerce Store Owners, Bloggers, and Affiliate Marketers . . .

What happens when you combine the easiest page builder and funnel creation software with top scarcity and urgency tools?

You Get a Sales Funnel Platform Capable of Producing
5 & 6 Figures that You Can Just “Set And Forget”.

UNLIMITED, High Converting Funnels You Can Use to Sell Products Year Round on Autopilot, Allowing You to Make a Truly Passive Income.

  Fully Automated Marketing Platform.

  Create Unlimited Sales Funnels Including: Landing Pages, Upsells, Downsells, and More!

  Transparent Scarcity and Urgency Tools - Built In!

  Deadlines Gently Nudge Doubters to Make a Decision!

  Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Conversions!

  Set up in 3 Minutes or Less!

CF-FE-Clockwork Funnel Basic

Haven’t You Ever Wondered. . .

How some marketers seem to “kill it” while others struggle and flail, no matter how good their product or offer?

Have You Ever Noticed. . .

How the world’s top entrepreneurs and global brands pull in millions of profits every year?

Our Personal Funnels Have Produced Multiple $200,000 Months For Us.


These businesses have MASTERED

The Science of Creating Sales Funnels.

Now, no matter how small or large your business, it’s possible for YOU to have the tools you need to build a record-breaking funnel: including Landing Pages, Upsells, Downsells, and more -- with built in Urgency and Scarcity tools, to help push your customers from one piece of your funnel to the next.

In one easy, web-based platform.

From the desk of:

Alex Costan, Dwayne Golden Sr. & Dwayne Golden Jr.,

Hi, this is Alex Costan, Dwayne Golden Sr, Dwayne Golden Jr. We’ve been selling online for over 25 years, collectively, and we’ve learned a thing or two over the years about how to make serious sales online, and how to help marketers like you make money.

Dwayne Golden Sr.

Dwayne Golden Jr.

Alex Costan

Each of us has our own story of overcoming personal and financial struggles. We know exactly what it’s like to get out there and hustle and sell. . . And how it can sometimes feel like you’re putting in full effort, yet achieving minimal result.

We’ve been there.

Now, does this sound familiar?

After years of struggle and beating back the competition, you’ve finally got your hands on a winning product and offer! Maybe it’s a new software that changes how people manage their businesses. . . You might have a product that hits the needs, desires and pain points of your target buyer with laser precision accuracy.

Or heck, maybe you sell t-shirts, and you’ve got the perfect, hilarious, slogan that speaks to an audience with money to spend. . . This is it! This is the one that’s gonna make you rich!

You press the “launch campaign” button, sit back on your comfy chair, crack open your favorite frosty beverage, and confidently wait for the sales to roll in.

Then, for some reason, a few sales trickle in, with the occasional wave . . . But it’s nothing like the tsunami of sales you expected to overwhelm your website and shut down the internet!

Why? What went wrong?

Was it the price?

Could be. . .

Was it the product or service?

Ehhh, maybe. . .

Was it my social proof?

Who knows?

It could be any one of those things. . . Or all of them. And those are all things you should test as often as you can.

Now, think about it. When you compare successful campaigns to unsuccessful ones. . . What stands out the most? It’s usually not the price. It’s usually not the product or offer. Or the guarantee. Or the social proof. Or even the sales copy.

Money-Making Campaigns Are Built on Profit Pulling Funnels.

Break-even (or dud) campaigns are flat. They end at the checkout. No “Thank You” pages. No Upsells. No Downsells. No Emails. Just “Wham-bam, thank you for your money.”


Are you wetting your customers appetites with Upsells, Downsells, and Email Offers at every turn?

If not, you’re leaving money on the table.

Next, if you want to gently nudge your buyer through every piece of your funnel, it helps to add scarcity. YES, there needs to be a scarcity component to every piece of your funnel. (Front End, Upsells, Downsells, AND emails.)

However, most people mess up scarcity and urgency with inaccurate or ineffective countdown timers and inventory counters. With false urgency you risk losing buyer trust -- and any hope of future sales.

But who’s going to spend all their time and money updating your website with an accurate product or inventory number? Or pay someone to work out the kinks in your countdown timer?

(Pretty sure you’re not in business for yourself to slave away at your computer all day and night, right?)

So, you need a software that gives you 3 things--

1. Complete Marketing Funnel with Page Builders

2. Built in Scarcity Tools


(What’s the 3rd one? We’ll share that with you in a moment. . .)

Now look, there’s some real slick funnel creation software out there with some pretty snazzy bells and whistles. But they’re expensive, very limited, and highly technical.

Another problem with some of the funnel creation software you’ll find is they don’t have accurate scarcity tools. They might have countdown timers, product counters or inventory tracking. . . But do they have them all?

And are they accurate? Without accuracy, your urgency isn’t real, and you’ll lose buyer trust.


You shouldn’t have to trade any one of these services for another.

And why should you pay monthly, for multiple services?

That’s straight up bananas!

We’ve watched as various companies released Page Builders, Funnel Builders, Countdown Timers, and Inventory Counters. Most of those products were pretty impressive. Yet they all seemed to lack a little something. . .

We partnered with top developers and marketers to create a software unlike any other on the market. We removed the technical headaches from page creation, and made it super simple easy to create every page you need to build a funnel.

And then we picked the best features from all those scarcity tools, and put them together into a sleek, user-friendly, effective tool.

And then, we decided to give this robust new tool the 3rd critical component -- the special sauce.

Component 3? Automation !

Until the day you finally AUTOMATE every aspect of your business possible. (Especially your marketing and promotions.) . . .

. . You will find yourself stuck working IN your business (not ON your business) . . .

NOW, when you add AUTOMATION to the mix, you have the ability to run AUTOMATED promotions, customized for each of your visitors.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our new product, Clockwork Funnels, gives you the ability to create unlimited sales funnels, with unlimited pages, with built in countdown timer, product counter, and state of the art automation.

Here’s a preview of everything we’re giving you inside Clockwork Funnels.

Page Building Software

The page building software is built straight into the Clockwork Funnels platform.

This saves you the added step of toggling between multiple platforms, and dealing with the endless cycle of “copying and pasting” code. Changing one piece of your funnel won’t require hiring someone to redo all the technical work. Just a few clicks, and you’re done.

Plus, you don’t have to pay for yet another monthly service.

High Quality, Beautiful Pages

This platform lets you EASILY build sales pages, affiliate pages, download pages, Webinar registration pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, video sales pages... ANYTHING.

Create Gorgeous, Mobile Responsive Pages With “Click, Drag & Drop” Simplicity

Simply click, drag and drop any element (.jpg, .gif, sign up form, video.) exactly where you want on the page and you’re set. Clockwork Funnels offers an enormous selection of sleek “done-for-you” templates. Of course, you can customize any part of your page. Click the component you want to customize, make your changes, save, and it’s DONE!

You get Desktop and mobile formats with RESPONSIVE on-screen previews.

Unlimited Funnels

That’s right, you get to create unlimited sales funnels, with unlimited pages so you can finally push your sales to the next level.

Hosting For All The Pages You Create Within Clockwork Funnels

Host your pages on Clockwork Funnels, or easily download your pages and load to your own server.

Your content is yours, take it with you anywhere!

Compatible with most Autoresponders

Your page templates and capture pages are compatible with most Autoresponders. Including: Constant Contact, GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, and more. Just paste the code into your AutoResponder series to legally “stalk” your buyer’s email with their unique countdown timer and product counter.

Seamless Dashboard With Built-In Analytical Tools.

We’ve built Clockwork Funnels with easy A/B split testing built right in. Add your custom links and easily track clicks on all your pages.

Countdown Timers with Infinity DNA™ Tracking Technology

Exclusive tracking technology Identifies user by IP address, ensuring a unique experience for each visitor.

Fixed Date or Relative Sequence Countdown:

Customize your timer to end on a certain day and time, OR within a certain number of days, hours.

Clocks Sync Across Multiple Pages

Clock and follows user throughout the promotional funnel - including opt in pages, upsell and downsell pages, thank you pages, bonuses and more.

Custom Clock Editor

Pick from a variety of clock and timer designs and styles to keep a consistent look and feel across all the pages.

Expiring Links

Deal expired? When your buyer hits an expired link, our software easily redirects them to an “Offer Expired” page, or to a new, current offer.

Product /Scarcity Counter

Keep users updated in REAL TIME! How many items are left at this price? How much of this software are you selling before you’re SOLD OUT? Are there a limited number of coupons? How many coupons left? Clockwork Funnels gives you the ability to track and display all this info so your users feel the urgency as every sale and every moment ticks by.

Plus, your product counter comes with Customizable text -- “Just 3 left. . . At this rate we’ll be sold out in 15 minutes or less!”

And best of all, you can easily embed your new scarcity counter on any site with by copying and pasting code.

Instructional Webinars + Tutorials = So You’re Never Left Scratching Your Head

Inside Clockwork Funnels you’ll find easy, step by step video tutorials and cheat sheets to hold your hand along the way. Plus, we’ll offer live instructional webinars so you get Real Time Q & A to any questions you might have.


The Automation You Need to Have Unlimited Sales Funnels, Including Unlimited Pages, with Pushbutton Ease.

All in One Platform!

Clockwork Funnels’ intuitive dashboard makes it a snap to manage complete Funnels and Pages, Countdown Timers, Product Counters, and yes. . . Automation.

All in one, easy, web based platform.

When you get Clockwork Funnels today, you get the exact tools you need to create every page and component of unlimited complete sales funnels from beginning to end with ease, so you can start seeing profits like this:

Isn’t it amazing? Think about what kind of income levels you can achieve when you have this triple threat in your arsenal.

Funnel Creator with Page Builders

Scarcity and Urgency Tools



Marius Price - Internet Marketer

So much more than a page builder, infinity technology takes the automation to another level. These guys have figured out how to make automate marketing funnels.

Ionut Macovei - Online Entrepreneur

Clockwork Funnels is so easy to use, and the auto scarcity tools it uses to nudge visitors to make a purchase make all the difference for me.

Ciprian M. - Online Entrepreneur

I haven’t seen anything like this, Clockwork funnels is the answer to a lot of problems for people who are having trouble automating their business and getting there funnels to convert.

You're Going To Get Clockwork Funnels Which Includes:

Funnel Creation Software

Page Builder with Easy to Use, Customizable Templates

Automation Capabilities

Countdown Timers with Customizable Appearance

Infinity DNA ™ Tracking Technology

Timers Sync Across Multiple Platforms

Autoresponder Integration

Social Sharing

Product and Inventory Counters With Customizable Text

Step by Step Video Training, With Webinar Q & A

Complementary Updates

Take advantage of the absolute best deal available on this phenomenal resource right now. For our limited launch period, Clockwork Funnels -- housed in one easy to use, seamless platform -- can be yours today for just $67.

CF-FE-Clockwork Funnel Basic

Your Investment in ClockWork Funnels

is 100% Risk Free

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with Clockwork Funnels for any reason, we’re giving you our promise. You have our 100% titanium solid guarantee, that if you’re unhappy with this software or our support for any reason, or if you have any qualms about Clockwork Funnels’ ability to help you create fully automated, profit-pulling sales funnels, then simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.

No questions asked.

You have our 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

P.S. Clockwork Funnels is easy to use, and will pay for itself the first time you use it in a promotion or deploy a complete funnel. Go ahead, click the buy now button, and you’ll get immediate access to the all-encompassing, automated marketing and funnel creation platform. You’ll have the scarcity tools you need to boost conversions, and create unlimited fully automated sales funnels.

So you can finally have the passive income and “set it and forget it” lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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